Assembly your Investment Fund with OtoFunds Faster, Cheaper and Without Friction

In this post, we highlight the key features of our new fund assembly tool which lets you track all workflows from order to launch of your investment fund.
Assembly your Investment Fund with OtoFunds Faster, Cheaper and Without Friction

Project overview page

Immediately after you order your fund from Otonomos, your project overview page, hosted at a dedicated Otonomos subdomain (, is pre-populated with all workflows, expected timelines, and owners for each task.

You can toggle between different views, including a List View (above), a Gantt view with adjustable timelines (below), and a Kanban-style board.

The OtoFunds portal: Immediately after you order your investment fund from Otonomos, you will find all tasks pre-populated and assigned to an owner, with an expected timeline towards your fund launch, all managed from within an Otonomos-hosted dedicated URL.

Double-click on each task

Double-clicking on a task opens a tab view with its Current Status, a Description, and Task Information.

Users can double-click on each Task to see who owns it, its progress, timeline and comment section. Documents related to each task can be linked and accessed from within the portal for instant online editing. Users can choose to receive notifications from with status updates for all Tasks.

Below the Task Information, you can find a menu with the following options:

  • Comments: Allows you to add general or direct comment for this specific task. You can also add a task comment via email using a dedicated address.
  • Subtask: Shows all subsidiary task under the main task.
  • Documents: lets you access or upload documents related to this task.
  • Forums: Access a growing library of knowledge base articles related to investment funds.
  • Dependency: lists Predecessor and Successor Tasks.
  • Status Timeline: Gives a an overview of the duration of the task from Open to Close.
  • Activity Stream: Gives a full chronological overview of all activity related to the Project.
  • Google Drive: A particularly helpful tool that allows users to access and co-edit all documents related to the project. We highlight this feature in more detail below.

No more MS Word documents!

Bye bye to revision balloons and offline versioning!

The Otonomos Funds staging portal stores all documents related to your fund in one place.

It uses Google Docs to allow for real-time, collaborative editing and versioning.

Simply use a profile email linked to a Google account to access, comment and edit all documents online:

No more email attachments and versioning mix-up: Documents shared from within the OtoFunds portal open from within your browser and can be edited online, including by outside counsel.

A fully customizable homepage

Your Home page is fully customizable with the status panels you’d like to see.

You can even change font and background colors:

Disrupting the fund space

Our fund assembly solution aims to make investment fund formation faster, easier, and more streamlined.

A lot of the friction we identified working with fund lawyers and service providers such as fund admin and custodians comes from three sources:

  1. Inertia: There is an inherent inertia in using new technology and legal counsel in particular is typically not very technology-versed. However the deeper reason why the use of tech meets resistance may be related to (2) below:
  2. Billing structures: Service providers such as lawyers and accountants have a time-spent billing structure which gives them little or no incentive to work faster and more efficient.
  3. Crypto clients may not be good enough: There is still a stigma around crypto fund setups who often start with smaller seed capital and hence have less money to spend. At the same time, they expect technology to guide then through the process and are often baffled by the analog nature of this industry.

For the above reasons, Otonomos feels its can radically disrupt the fund formation space by bringing the same technology prowess it brings to company formation generally to the fund space.

The first panel of a triptych: Our fund roadmap

Streamlining the assembly of investment funds is only the first of three areas Otonomos Funds is looking to digitize.

Automated subscriptions

Next is a portal that automates the subscription process and helps clients tokenize their fund. We have this in an advanced stage of development, with an expected launch in 1Q2025.

Fund admin

As real-world assets are increasingly brought onchain, fund administration will essentially consist of aggregating blockchain price oracles to calculate a fund’s NAV.

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