The Otonomist - April 2022 Issue

Our April issue of The Otonomist introduces a new Agony Aunt section which deals with questions clients send in. We then look back on what we built over the month. We close in jest with a crypto gossip post of sorts.

Happy BUIDLing!

Han from Otonomos


Can I start a decentralized investment club and be its paid investment manager?

Dear Otonomos, …

In this first Agony Aunt post, we present a puzzle brought to us by Weezi, a nascent digital asset management platform that looks to automate how investment clubs manage their assets.

The key attraction of the club approach to investing - that it is collective and open to everybody - may also be its key downside: crypto-rich but time-poor investors may simply not have the time to participate in collective decision making.

Is there a way to preserve the club structure whilst adding an element of specialization in who takes investment decisions? And can such manager be remunerated? These are the key questions Weezi recently approached us about.

Our thesis is that there is a hack, and we’re looking for contributors from the legal community who can help confirm the hack works.


A refactoring job: Future-proofing OtoCo by turning LLCs into NFTs

Our April changes make it easier to spin up an LLC from a new or exiting Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet.

We went straight back to work after closing our community funding round at the end of March and April has been an exciting month for the OtoCo team!

We’ve added a talented programmer and exceptional designer to our roster to help speed up development and make things beautiful and intuitive.

We also started a major refactoring job for OtoCo that we expect to finish by the end of May.

Finally, we share an update on some UX/UI improvements we made that make spinning up an LLC from a DAO easier.


Vitalik spotted naked on sanctioned luxury yacht! Or the birth of crypto gossip as a new genre.

We read Laura Shin's The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, Lies, and the Making of the First Big Cryptocurrency Craze with the same mix of relish and guilt we get from reading the New York Post or the Daily Mail. With a movie set to follow, are we seeing the birth of a new genre?

Lady Roosevelt apocryphally said that “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” but she reportedly relished the occasional good gossip herself.

So today’s Founder’s Post is written for great minds (this includes you since you’re reading The Otonomist) who occasionally like to discuss events and talk people.

Next month: more about OtoCo’s evolving governance, announcing big plans for Otonomos, plus paid contents with plenty actionable intel, as always in your inbox on the last Thursday of the month.

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