The Otonomist - August 2023 Issue

It is the last Thursday of the month which is when the Otonomist drops. This issue talks about Otonomos' newest trio of jurisdictions: Ireland, Isle of Man and Malta. We then announce our new Cayman foundation online staging module and compare Cayman foundations to trusts. We also introduce Oto, our AI “butler”, and close with an update on OtoCo.

Have a good post-holiday start!

Han, Founder and CEO


New entities à la carte: We added Ireland, Isle of Man and Malta for online order on

A new trio of company flavors added to our growing menu of local dishes.

At Otonomos, we like to cook up new dishes to give our clients choice, using only the best ingredients and aiming for the highest consistency in fulfillment.

We already offer 18 home-made products in 11 jurisdictions, including the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Today, we added three more incorporation options to our menu. These include the Isle of Man, Ireland (Eire) and Malta, all available for online order now.

In this post, we sketch the applicable crypto regs in each of these jurisdictions, and outline the key features of Irish, Manx and Maltese limited companies.


Stage your Cayman Foundation entirely online using the Otonomos dashboard

A screenshot of the new Cayman Foundation online staging module which lets users stage their Foundation entirely online via their Otonomos dashboard login.

New clients of Otonomos who ordered a private Foundation or decentralized Web3 Foundation in Cayman can now stage it fully online from within their user dashboard.

As with our British Virgin Islands staging process, our online activation steps build on each other rather than duplicating information already provided, aiming to make the activation of your new entity a delight.

An interactive navigation menu on the right of the screen shows where you are in the process and makes it easy for you to cycle back and forth through the steps.

In this post, we offer a recap on the Cayman Foundation and its two man use cases as a private Foundation for individuals and a Web3 “faceless” Foundation for decentralized projects.

We then contrast the Cayman Foundation with a trust setup in both the British Virgin Islands and Wyoming.


Say hello to Oto, your AI butler

Oto is your new AI butler: A specialist in both offchain and onchain company formations and related matters, accessible directly from the livechat of our homepage.

We feed Oto a steady diet of relevant reading materials and pertinent links at the current rate of 73 human reading hours a day, so Oto is learning fast!

You can call on Oto’s accumulated knowledge at any time by starting a live chat on both the Otonomos and OtoCo homepages.

Call OtoCo from the livechat button on our website.

Please bear with Oto as it gains full mastery at butler school. The more you ask the more it researches and learns.


London event 12 October: Helps us ask the right questions regarding digital assets and privacy

Otonomos is co-hosting a joint event with the UK’s Center for Digital Assets and Democracy (CFDAAD) in London on the evening of Thursday 12 October 2023.

Our joint mission with CFDAAD is to formulate the right questions - before an attempt at answers - on policy issues related to financial privacy and our freedoms to transact as economic agents.

Our non-partisan audience will consist of Otonomos regional clients, policy makers, crypto practitioners, and doers and investors in Web3.

The venue will be in central London and our MC for the night will be a 16-year old who wants to know what - if any - financial privacy she can expect to enjoy in a world of Central Bank Digital Currencies and mass surveillance.

> Please join the Otonomos official “Towards Full Autonomy” Telegram group for further details on the event and how to register.


OtoCo growth spurt: Onchain entities from the comfort of your wallet

OtoCo’s new homepage, ready for our next stage of growth, on a mission to assemble legal containers for the next billion Web3 shippers worldwide!

OtoCo, the onchain company assembler spun-off of Otonomos, is experiencing a real growth spurt:

  • OtoCo’s counter now stands at 1,263 validly formed legal entities on blockchain.
  • In July, we added Chait as Blockchain Product Lead to our US team based in San Francisco.
  • We’re readying a new jurisdiction - OtoCo’s first offshore one! - for launch in 4Q23.
  • Our spanking new homepage and updated documentation hub are live, in time for our next stage of growth.

On the governance side, a next onchain vote by OTOCO token holders on a number of proposals, including OTOCO token allocation and vesting to the project’s core development team, is set to go live on OtoCo’s Snapshot on Wednesday 13 September.

4Q will be all about growth, with a widget that lets users of other DeFi platforms easily spawn onchain entities on OtoCo from the comfort of their wallet.

> Join The Road to OtoCo official Telegram group for updates

Next month in The Otonomist: A crypto onramp toolkit for newbies to Web3, details on OtoCo’s product roadmap, and an update on Otonomos’ online funding round. On the digital shelves from Thursday 28 September.

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