The Otonomist - February 2023 Issue

Despite the short month, we did quite a lot on the OtoCo development side and refreshed Otonomos’ brand message and offering. Our product double-click focuses on the BVI as a location for a speedy crypto hedge fund setup. We close with a fictitious dialogue between a Martian and Otonomos about the surrealities of earthly securities laws.

Crypto is irreversible!

Han, Founder & CEO


Adventures in crypto and tech

Adventures in crypto and tech: Otonomos has the gear for you!

Otonomos did a bit of introspection this month on the essence of that we stand for.

The outcome is a fresh message that connects with our core credo of entrepreneurship as a journey towards autonomy, with Otonomos providing the “incorporation kits for your trek into tech” to those who build in crypto and tech generally.

We also introduced a new “Pro Kit” section in our homepage that double-clicks on a specific product we want to highlight (see “product double-click” below).

The journey is the destination and we hope to accompany you as you build from anywhere!


Scale the markets: now is as good a time as any to launch your own crypto fund

The new “Pro Kit” section of the Otonomos homepage aims to highlight the entity stack for specific use cases.

This month, we recap and expand on previous posts about the fund structure in the British Virgin Island, with a three-part post:

Part I - A pre-packaged fund setup: From legals to launch in 5 days

Part II - Start configuring your fund’s term sheet (with our FREE template)

Part III ($) - Raise from outside investors: The Subscription Agreement

> Schedule a call with one of our specialists to talk about your fund setup today!


Essential maintenance

Perhaps unglamorous but nonetheless necessary, over the short month of February we worked on pruning and clearing some of the Web3 packages that make OtoCo work:

  • We reduced code bloat by removing unused packages and upgraded all remaining ones.
  • We also improved global packages e.g. NFT Fetcher and Toast Notifier.
  • We debugged some WalletConnect and API issues that previously returned false flags for successful transactions.
  • Finally, we improved Transaction Monitor performance and worked on various tasks aimed to increase the anti-fragility of OtoCo’s code.

This prepares the platform for the March sprint which will insert ETH payments into a new entity creation process, and the scheduled launch of a new jurisdiction.

> Hurry! Until our new LLC pricing kicks in mid-March, you can still spin up a realverse LLC onchain for only the gas fees! (DAOs will be free forever).


A Martian walks into a cafe...Explaining the surrealities of Earthly securities laws to extraterrestrials

YOU, Earthling, need to change your securities laws!

A Martian walks into a cafe looking to invest in Earthly blockchain endeavors and strikes up a conversation with Otonomos seated next to it at the bar.

This post is a surreal exchange between a visiting Martian (M) looking to invest in projects on planet Earth, and a hapless Otonomos (O) who had to explain why it could not.

Next month in the Otonomos: More about OtoCo, a section about trusts, and announcing a new jurisdiction.

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