The Otonomist - January 2023 Issue

On this last day of January, we look back at this month’s OtoCo development sprint, lead with a thought piece on tokenized corporate stock, and talk about the use of Nominees as a ‘VPN for companies”. We also share some recent developments at Otonomos.

Hope the year started well for all our readers!

Han, Founder & CEO


There is Something About Tokenizing Corporate Stock…

There’s something about corporate stock tokenization. For some reason, it hasn't really happened yet.

This post asks what it is about tokenized corporate stock. We probe the reasons why corporate stock is still offchain, examine the benefits of putting corporate stock onchain, size the opportunity and propose a possible implementation.


Nominees: The VPN for Companies

Think about Nominees as a VPN for your entities: an essential privacy tool that masks your identity as Shareholder and/or Director (Image: Freepik).

Nominees are widely used and widely misunderstood.

In this post, we talk about their use and clear up some commonly held misconceptions about Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders.


Improved Navigation, New Governance Console and Refactored Multisig Wallets for OtoCo Users

OtoCo’s new navigation menu (left) and voting module (right), reflecting the governance logic of its onchain Multi-Member LLC in which each holder of mirror tokens has a right to vote.

We dove straight into the new year with a thorough scrub of OtoCo’s front-end, revisiting pages we didn’t think were giving users delight and taking a fresh look at navigation within OtoCo’s dash.

The bulk of the work was spent on an advanced governance console for Multi-Member LLCs, including a new voting module.

We also refactored the use of multi-sigs wallets by internalizing SAFE’s smart contracts, gearing up for an exciting new product launch next month.

In this post, we’ll walk you through each new screen and talk about its functionality.


Otonomos - Now in a Timezone Near You

In January, we added to the team in Europe where Stuart Platt-Ransom will head our Rest-of World effort and help on global ops, whilst coverage of our Americas clients will continue out of Vancouver/West Coast.

This means Otonomos now covers two thirds of the globe so you should be able to book a call with us from most timezones!

Stuart is a pair of trusted hands with decades of experience in the corporate services space, building and leading several legacy providers. He will lead an initial team of three out of Europe, which is Otonomos’ second biggest market.

Another step in our mission to let you BUIDL FROM ANYWHERE.

> Join our Otonomos intel swap Telegram channel today and learn from other users and the wider community.

Next month: In our February issue, we plan to write about crypto hedge funds, token issuance jurisdictions, and announce a new product for OtoCo. Look out for The Otonomist on the last Thursday of the month.

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