The Otonomist - July 20 Special Issue

Welcome to the July 2020 issue of The Otonomist. We made our new OtoCo product the starter and main course of this issue to mark the launch on the Ethereum mainnet of our onchain Delaware company assembler. As a dessert, we suggest some summer reading. Have a great holiday!

– Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


OtoCo is Live! You Can Now Instantly Form a Real-World LLC Using Your Ethereum Wallet

OtoCo: Get a free Delaware LLC in seconds.

OtoCo: Get a free Delaware LLC in seconds.

After setting up hundreds of legal entities for our clients by paper filing, we thought there had to be a better, cheaper and faster way to get incorporated.

OtoCo is the result and our first product, a Delaware LLC, is now live on the Ethereum main net, with the Wyoming LLC following shortly.

With OtoCo, you can now create a real-world Delaware LLC using your Ethereum wallet, instantly and FREE (until 1 September)!

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Living Our Own Gospel: How We Plan to Decentralize OtoCo's Governance

OtoCo’s governance structure: A linear transmission mechanism of tokenholders’ wishes.

OtoCo’s governance structure: A linear transmission mechanism of tokenholders’ wishes.

In this issue’s second post on OtoCo, we share how we plan to eat our own cake on governance and put the project in the hands of all stakeholders.

We hope our onchain and offchain decentralized governance design and revenue sharing token can become a template for other projects.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About OtoCo: Documentation and FAQs

We have extensively documented our research and engineering on OtoCo on our GitBook, including links to our code repositories and legal agreements.

We’re also continuing to populate our FAQs section.

We’ll be using (West Coast) summer to finalize our token design and legal setup whilst further growing our user base and the wider OtoCo community.

So expect an announcement in September together with all detail on the OtoCo token sale and timing.

Meantime, feel free to chip in by joining our Road to OtoCo Telegram group or follow us on Twitter @Otonomos.


Our Summer Basket of Books

To helps us stay away from the social media feeds over Summer, we prepared a basket of books, some recent, some long idling on our library shelf:

Let me know what you are reading over summer to

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