The Otonomist - June 2022 Issue

In the first post of this month’s more compact issue of The Otonomist, we look back on OtoCo’s first half of 2022 and give an outlook for the second half. We then look under the bonnet of OtoCo’s refactored smart contracts and the use of NFTs as proof of existence of onchain entities. In our last post, we opine about CeFi as a grotesque caricature of Wall Street and why DeFi rather than CeFi is where our hopes lie.

Keep the faith!



OtoCo’s first half 2022 lookback and outlook for the second half of the year

Our refactored OtoCo smart contracts now generate an NFT such as the one above for each onchain company created, and we also added Polygon as a L2 solution.

Crypto winter feels less harsh when busy building, and our workload hasn’t changed.

In this post, we’ll look back to what we’ve done so far in 2022.

We will then be looking forward to the second half of the year in terms of product, code, and community.

We conclude with a reaffirmation of our vows to go from product to platform in 2023.


Refactored and newly audited smart contracts for OtoCo: From ERC-20 to ERC-721

Since OtoCo launched over a year ago, our entity assembler smart contract spawned more than 500 onchain LLCs.

Over May and June, we earmarked a substantial part of the community funds we raised earlier this year to refactor our smart contracts and audit them.

The result is a faster, cheaper and more robust deployment of onchain entities as one of the primitives of Web3.

This post covers the technical details regarding our new smart contract design and explains the use of the ERC-721 token standard.


Is Crypto in Crisis? CeFi vs. DeFi or the arrival of Wall Street mutants in the digital asset space

A fair number of The Otonomist readers are non-crypto natives with curious minds who want to know more about blockchains and their applications.

Many will be reading headlines about crypto markets’ cardiac arrest and wonder if the technology has any future.

In this post, we urge them to look behind the headlines to see the key difference between CeFI and DeFi, and why the latter represents the future of finance.

NEXT MONTH: There is no Otonomist in July. Expect our August issue on the last Thursday of the month.

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