The Otonomist - June 2024 Issue

On this last day of June, we post about whether to use a fund setup if you only trade proprietary capital, what to ask yourself when you choose a DAO for your project, and start with a post on DeSci. Finally we talk about the role of formation agents.

Have a good start of summer!

Han, Founder and CEO


What is DeSci (Decentralised Science)?

We all know that blockchain has the potential to revolutionise a whole host of legacy systems. A quick look on the syllable formerly known as Twitter will reveal an army of revolutionaries and their projects, some rather more promising than others. If you can fight your way through the memecoins, or whatever this cycle's ephemerally hyperfinancialised product might be, then you can find some real real builders, doers, and innovators. Within this camp, one thing we don't talk about enough is DeSci - decentralised science.

Image generated by Easy-Peasy AI

DeSci promises a new way for scientists to share their knowledge fairly and equitably, a widening of funding access to niche research projects, and a new set of mechanisms for networks of scientists and their supporters to collaborate. The financial innovations generated in the DeFi space are now being applied to fund and commercialise scientific research.

In this piece, our very own Simon Lag outlines the DeSci opportunity and some key projects in the sector.


What to ask yourself when you choose a DAO for your project?

DAOs are still new, still increasing in numbers, and still attracting more and more capital and tokenholders. We love DAOs, and so do our clients - a whole new world of collaboration, consensus, and value creation is developing right before our eyes.

However, it is worth asking whether DAOs and strong decentralisation are really necessary for your project. Not every project fits being a DAO, and not every entrepeneur is suited for a decentralised project. A little thought can go a long way, and it is well worth reflecting on what it is you want to create.

Image of people thinking about what kind of decentralised tech startup they want to build

In this article Tamara Davison continues our series about DAOs, outlining some of the key questions and considerations that anyone looking to set up a DAO should think about.


When to switch from a prop trading rig to a full fund

Knowing if and when to take the next step with your trading

There comes a time for many of the most ambitous and successful proprietary traders when they may find themselves thinking of setting up as a fund.

crypto bro legally optimising his blockchain trading ventures
A contemplative crypto trader

In this article, we explore the pros and cons of setting up a fund for your trading ventures vs continuing on your own. Whatever you choose, make sure it is right for you, your preferences, and your bottom line.

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