The Otonomist - March 2022 Issue

In this month’s Otonomist, we highlight a new feature in OtoCo which lets users sign on blockchain on behalf of their entity. We also lift the veil on how we propose to reward governance and contributions to the OtoCo project. Finally, we talk about the benefits of an LLC in the U.S. especially for non-U.S. owners.

Happy BUIDLing!

Han from Otonomos


OtoCo users can now sign documents on behalf of their onchain entity from their Ethereum wallet

We added a new feature to the OtoCo dash that lets users sign in name of their onchain entity, including the transfer of assets and pledge of crypto wallets. This post explains how.

Trustless trust: We made sure signatures can be independently verified without the need for the verifier to go onchain.


Reaching for the T.O.P: The DAO Equivalent of an Employee Stock Option Plan

DAO contributors do not have visibility of a pot of gold beyond the rainbow that matches stock options in a traditional startup.

At the same time, emerging governance mining proposals are shortcoming as they do not put a predictable, fair and quantifiable token reward scheme in place for the benefit of all those who build and commit to a decentralized project in a sustained way.

We propose a solution that takes the best of a battle-tested traditional Employee Stock Option Scheme, removes the element of central decision making in how token options are awarded, and commits the option vesting and exercise logic to a self-enforcing smart contract that replaces the analog award agreement.


Why it is attractive to own a company in the U.S., especially when you're not based there

This post gives an overview of the main takeaways when forming and managing your LLC in either Delaware or Wyoming.

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