The Otonomist - March 2024 Issue

It is the last day of March and despite it being Easter Sunday, we could not resist blogging, this month from Miami about the Bitcoin revolution in Cuba and beyond. We also have 2 guests authors, both practitioners in crypto, and a short review of a must-read book for Founders.

Happy Easter!

Han, Founder & CEO


“Cripto o Muerte”: The Crypto Currency Revolution in Cuba and Beyond

Posting from Miami, we highlight the emancipatory forces of the use of crypto in Cuba and beyond, hoping for a new revolution to upend the blasé attitudes of the TradFin bourgeoisie.


In Hot Pursuit of Stolen Crypto Assets: Risks, Mitigation and Options

This month's first guest author is Jessica Lee, Partner at London firm Brown Rudnick, who contributes with an insightful article on the legal recourse in the case of theft of crypto assets.


The second guest author in our March Otonomist is Roshi Sharma, Partner at LawBEAM, the UK-based crypto regulatory experts.


"founder vs investor": A Radically Candid Assessment of a Relationship Fraught with Friction

This book tells you what most won't: it is brutally candid about how the relationship between Founder and investor is inherently fraught with friction. A must read for any Founder courting VC money!

Next month in The Otonomist: The Fundraise Special: An Issue fully dedicated to the options available to fund your - and our! - Web3 company or project.

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