The Otonomist - November 2020 Issue

This month we’re introducing a paid tier: for the price of a ramen, subscribers can now access thousands of dollars’ worth of premium contents, starting with a guide to the Cayman/LLC combo and a post on how to raise money during your “pre-token existence”. We also gratuitously shared some pics from the past.

Stay sovereign!

Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


Get Invaluable Intel for the Price of a Ramen

The ramen that could save you thousands of dollars a month.

Today we’re moving our monthly Otonomist newsletter to Substack and are introducing a paid tier.

Free content will still be available on Substack and our Medium. However by adding a paid tier, we can essentially “fractionalize” thousands of dollars worth of guidance and materials readers would otherwise have to source and pay for individually.

To give you a flavor of what you get for the price of a ramen at Otonomos, we give you FREE access to this month’s first premium download on the Cayman/US LLC combo.

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Start Investing in Crypto via a Cayman/US LLC Combo ($)

Many clients of Otonomos look to gain exposure to crypto assets and blockchain projects by pooling some funds together with friends and close contacts.

In this month’s first premium feature, subscribers can download a 6-slide Structuring Document explaining a straightforward, cost-effective legal stack, covering:

  • Diagrams with the cascade of entities and the role of each;
  • The recommended capital structure of your main investment vehicle in Cayman;
  • How to setup a US feeder to let US investors participate in both crypto and fiat;
  • The Management Company and how you can earn from advising the fund.

Download our Structure Document now to get all set for the 2021 crypto market.


How to Raise Money For Your Blockchain Project Before You Issue Your Token

Your pre-token existence doesn’t HAVE to be a trek through the desert…

Many of our clients are working on a token but need money to gear up towards its launch.

In this month’s second premium post, we share how to get some first money before you issue your token, and walk you through various options and funding configurations.


From Our Early Picture Archive

Here are some pictures from our early picture archive:

19 Feb 2015: The cafe at Stanford’s Law School, where the idea to put companies on blockchain came up during one of the weekly CodeX meetings. (Source: Own archive)
1 May 2015: With Ethereum’s Virgil Griffith in Singapore, where Otonomos was initially based, writing early code three months before Ethereum’s mainnet launch. (Source: Own archive).
4 June 2015: With Vitalik, sampling dumplings at Ding Tai Fung in Singapore.The Ethereum mainnet would go live less than 2 months later, on 30 July 2015. (Source: Own archive)
10 December 2015: A banner at an early Ethereum blockchain workshop in Sydney, when idealism reigned. (Source: Own archive).
19 April 2016: A special mention by Vitalik at a London workshop for our early private key recovery architecture (Source: Own archive).
7 December 2016: The equivalent of the 1 BTC pizza: The world’s first real-world company paid for in Bitcoin, worth almost US$ 62,000 at today’s price. (Source: Own archive).
19 April 2017: Growing fast from Singapore but all value would soon be destroyed in a heinous coup in September 2017 by minority investors who tried tried to grab control and liquidated the Singapore company when they failed. (Source: Own archive).
30 October 2018: Relaunch! Otonomos II at Ethereum’s DevCon IV in Prague. (Source: Own archive).
11 March 2019: One-way ticket: decamping from Asia to set up a new base for Otonomos in Canada, with a second basecamp in the Bay Area (Source: Own archive).
3 October 2019: Full circle: Presenting OtoCorp (now at one of Stanford’s CodeX weekly meetups (Source: screen capture from Stanford University’s YouTube archive)

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