The Otonomist - November 2023 OtoCo Special

The Otonomist - November 2023 OtoCo Special

Why the new economy needs programmable companies constituted by code to widen ownership and democratize participation.

About two years ago, OtoCo started working on a vision shared by many in the Web3 community: of a company constituted by code that lives entirely onchain.

The spark was a tweet by Avichal Garg, GOP at Electric Capital, about the need for a new, instant company which, as Balaji puts it, “turns corporate charters into code”.

Entities from the comfort of your wallet

Two or so years on, OtoCo lets users create and manage entities from the comfort of their wallet in the U.S., Switzerland and soon - as a New Year’s present to our users! - the Marshall Islands.

In this month’s OtoCo Special of The Otonomist, we share how we now plan to turn OtoCo from a product into a platform:

  • Part I starts with renewing our vows to the community by restating OtoCo’s ultimate mission: to build a new digital company for the digital economy.
  • In Part II, we share our roadmap for the next 18 months out, in light of a funding round set to open at the beginning of 2024.
  • In a final Part III, we talk about OtoCo’s governance and the role of its Foundation as the vehicle for community involvement.

Please note: Going forward, we will be posting on OtoCo’s progress via a dedicated site to which you can subscribe, instead of the monthly Otonomist which will focus on developments in the offchain company formation world at Otonomos.

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