The Otonomist - October 2020 Issue

Welcome to the October 2020 issue of The Otonomist

A week later than usual because of our recent regulatory filing, we can now share more details about our accredited investor offering and what we learned from filing our Form D. We also have a look at three OECD jurisdictions that may work equally well compared to offshore ones. Finally, we share our autumn reading list.

With best wishes for a fruitful Fall.

Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


"D" for Deterrent? Our Experience Opening a Reg D Offering

Fundraising can be fun if you enlist tech and use the right tools.

Fundraising can be fun if you enlist tech and use the right tools.

Last week, Otomomos filed its Form D so we can use the SEC’s accredited investor safe harbor to offer our tokenized SAFTE to pre-existing contacts, first and foremost our own clients.

This post describes why a Reg D doesn’t have to be a Deterrent and how to file the SEC’s Form D to get your show on the road.

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3 OECD Jurisdictions that Outdo Offshore

Strong contender: Think of B.C. when you need an LLP.

Strong contender: Think of B.C. when you need an LLP.

Lots of clients automatically think offshore when looking to operate in freedom and optimize for tax.

However, the UK, Canada and US all have entities that are cheap to form, easy to run and have no tax on foreign income. We took a closer look.

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Onchain Entity Creation Stays Free but Ongoing Maintenance Now at US$ 39 Per Year

OtoCo: 119 onchain entities and counting (source: Ethereum blockchain)

OtoCo: 119 onchain entities and counting (source: Ethereum blockchain)

As of last count, our onchain company assembler has 119 real-world LLCs in Wyoming and Delaware on the teller, from zero LLCs back in July.

Each is a legal entity in its own right, with its own assets and liabilities and registered address in the real world: a ready-made, instant and multi-purpose limited liability wrapper.

We believe there is value in that: Whilst we plan to keep company creation free forever, from tomorrow new users will pre-pay USD 39 in annual maintenance when creating their LLC. Renewal will also be at USD 39, all payable in DAI.

This is about 1/10th of the cost to form and maintain an analog LLC!

> Order your onchain entity from today for only 39 DAI per year.


Autumn Reading

African tribes as a model  for decentralized governance?

African tribes as a model for decentralized governance?

Here are some titles waiting for a lull in work in the hope of some sustained Autumn reading:

  • Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”: An Exploration of the 48 Preludes and Fugues, by Marjorie Wornell Engels, 2006, 224 pages (paperback): A dissection of “Bach’s 48”, the alphabet of music.
  • Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality, by Edward Frenkel, 2014, 304 pages: Is pure math art for art’s sake? If books indeed dialogue with each other, then Frenkel’s may be a riposte to advocates of applied mathematics.
  • Euler’s Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology, by David S. Richeson, 2012, 336 pages (paperback): continued reading along the themes of math, music and beauty.
  • No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer, 2020, 320 pages (hardback): Our quest for the ultimate business building book continues…
  • Law as Refuge of Anarchy: Societies without Hegemony or State, by Hermann Amborn, 2019, 232 pages (translated by Adrian Nathan West): this subversive little booklet may be a bit of a risk but has an inviting thesis: that the state, with its hierarchical structure, is only one of the possibilities for society.

Note: In support of independent bookstores and in protest against some of Amazon’s practices, we do not use Amazon links in the above.

Next month: In your inbox mid-November, the second part on Participalismo, an update on our roadmap and a brief history (with pics!) of Otonomos by its Founder.

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