The Otonomist - September 2021 Issue

This year’s September has five Thursdays and today is the second last Thursday of the month, which is when our monthly Otonomist goes out.

We used summer to code away on OtoCo so we’ll talk about some new features. We also had time to reflect on DAOs. And our launchpool smart contract is now live and taking the first-pre orders for the OTOCO token! Anyone can participate and in what follows, we’ll explain how you too can stake.

Have a productive last quarter of 2021

Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


LIVE! You can now pre-order the OTOCO token

Token symbol: OTOCO

As scheduled, last Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT - 7) the OTOCO token pre-booking site went live.

A purpose-built, audited smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain is now taking reservations for a first batch of up to 8 million OTOCO tokens.

Anyone who connects their Ethereum wallet can participate by staking in an automated pre-order process designed to ensure maximum fairness and price integrity.

The sooner you stake, the lower the price at which you will receive your OTOCO tokens. The pre-order period is set to close at 8 A.M. on Tuesday 21 December 2021.

We have provided the following resources to help you with your order:

  1. A summary of what you need to know about the pre-order process, including a continually updated list of FAQs.
  2. A 3-steps guide how to connect your wallet to our pre-order site and start staking.
  3. A documentation library with more extensive materials on the triple use for the OTOCO token and the origin and vision of the OtoCo project. There is also more detail on our pre-order smart contract including links to its code on GitHub, and proposals related to OtoCo’s governance as a community project.

Join our official Telegram group for all announcements and for running chat.


A taste of things to come: Towards fiat banking for onchain companies on OtoCo

You can now generate a verifiable certificate on OtoCo that proofs you own the wallet that controls your onchain LLC.

As a foretaste of the type of decentralized add-ons users can expect to find in the OtoCo marketplace as it goes from product to platform, we just added a (free!) tool that lets users create an onchain credential that undisputedly proves they own the wallet that controls their LLC.

We engineered this in a way that such credential - whilst generated onchain via user’s unique key pair - can be verified by any third party outside of blockchain.

We look at this tool as a first mile solution towards fiat banking for onchain LLCs, since it will allow banks to petition and verify the identity of a cryptographic wallet which controls an onchain LLC created on OtoCo.

Read more about how to create your own credential on OtoCo and where we plan to take this next.


The age of living DAOngerously: Going free solo with DAOs

DAOs have been foremost on our mind this summer.

Staying unincorporated has obvious appeal, and we've even seen some projects dismantling their legal structure to go free solo.

In this post, we examine the key issues standing in the way of the wider adoption of DAOs and how we hope to help.


Thanks to our users who spun up an onchain entity a day in our first year to get us to 300+ LLCs

To make it easier for our users to manage their LLC into the second year, we added the following new features:

  • A decentralized, encrypted messaging function that notifies users from within the OtoCo dashpanel about all matters related to their company.
  • An improved billing page with more stablecoin checkout options AND a card payment option if you prefer to pay in fiat.
  • A way for users who decide they do no longer need their LLC to wind up their entity by signing an onchain transaction that burns their entity smart contract.
By way of saying thanks, all users who created an onchain LLC on OtoCo before midnight PST on 31 August this year will see their second year renewal fees frozen at DAI 39 AND will receive a free helping of OTOCO tokens, provided they renew before the end of September. Please check your notifications in the OtoCo dash for more details.

Next month: Look out for The Otonomist October long-overdue premium issue on crypto hedge funds: where to launch, how to structure fees, if and how to benchmark performance, what investors expect, and plenty downloads. As always in your inbox on the third Thursday of the month.

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