The Otonomist - April Issue

Welcome to the April 2020 issue of The Otonomist. This month, we share how you can become a crypto hedge fund manager. We also post about The LAO and revisit some great works born out of solitude.

– Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


Become the Next Michael Burry: How to Setup and Run Your Own Crypto Hedge Fund

Christian Bale as Michael Burry in Adam Kay's 2015 adaptation of The Big Short

Christian Bale as Michael Burry in Adam Kay's 2015 adaptation of The Big Short

Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short and the movie it is based on became instant classics.

The story of its main hero, Michael Burry, an outsider who places high-conviction bets with the small fund he runs from his basement, shows how anybody can be right alone against the world, despite — or perhaps because of — being shunned from the big boys’ table on Wall Street.

In our recent blog post, we explain how setting up your own hedge fund is less daunting and expensive than often assumed, and can be done in a week.

Read it here


Decentralized autonomous organizations are one of the primitives of the blockchain space.

Various projects are tinkering with how new entities can be legally formed and governed on blockchain. The LAO is one effort out of the US set to launch on April 28 which we follow closely and collaborate with.

Read more about The LAO here


3 New Entities for Online Order + More Checkout Options

We added 3 new company structures for online order via our website:

  • The Canada Limited Liability Partnership in British Columbia
  • The UK Limited Liability Partnership
  • The Cayman Foundation

Schedule a FREE 30 mins call here if you like to know more.

We’ve also added more crypto currency checkout options! You can now order online and pay securely in ETH, BTC, DAI, USDT, ZEC, RES, XMR, EOS and TUSD in addition to Alipay and credit or debit card.


As we’re all confined, here’s who else found solace in solitude:

  • Mozart: “When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone - say traveling in a carriage or walking after a good meal or during the night when I cannot sleep – it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly.”
  • Kafka: “You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait, just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.“
  • Picasso: "Without great solitude no serious work is possible.”
  • Tesla: “The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone — that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born.”
  • Nelson Mandela did have little choice but to write from prison, and so did Martin Luther King in his Letter from Birmingham Jail. Cervantes, Ezra Pound, the Marquis de Sade all wrote from jail and so did Rustichello da Pisa when writing his entire Travels of Marco Polo.
  • And since his retirement from academia in 1991 until his death in 2014, the mathematician Alexander Grothendieck lived and wrote thousands of pages in self-imposed solitude in the French Pyrenees.

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