The Otonomist - May 20 Issue

Welcome to the May 2020 issue of The Otonomist. This month, we share our research on the legal setup for a DAO. We also look at tokenizing revenues, and I list some female Bach pianists just to change the tone…

– Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


DAO or Die: How to Fully Decentralize the Offchain Governance of Your Crypto Project

Most blockchain projects are centralized, especially off-chain.

In this month’s lead post, we briefly examine the main arguments in favor of decentralized governance, and share our research on an out-of-the-box legal setup for a DAO as a truly Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Read it here


Tokenizing Revenue: A Look At New Financing Options on Blockchain

Traditional Revenue Based Funding offers revenue-producing projects an alternative way of obtaining working capital by earmarking a slice of their revenues to investors.

Smart contracts can take this to the next level by continually issuing tokens linked to your revenue that can be traded.

We did some preliminary research into such Continuous Securities Offerings and how they compare to traditional RBF term sheets.

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The World Needs More Canada

Vancouver: Our new Americas HQ

Vancouver: Our new Americas HQ

We recently established an office in Vancouver and now also offer the British Columbia Limited Liability Partnership for online order via our website.

“Van” trumps “Cal” in a number of ways:

  • There’s clear cost arbitrages for tech teams compared to the Valley.
  • The BC LLP does not tax foreign income if its Partners are foreign.
  • The outdoors is in a league of its own: you can ski and sail the same day!

Schedule a FREE 30 mins call here if you like to know more.


Female Bach Pianists

J.S. Bach: Today he would probably have been a coder.

J.S. Bach: Today he would probably have been a coder.

Bach is of course the musical alphabet and whilst women are still way under-represented in math and coding, some of the best Bach pianists are female:

  • Poland-born US emigrée Wanda Landowska (1879 - 1959) was the first to record Bach’s Goldberg Variations on harpsichord and was a lifelong scholar and performer of Bach’s keyboard works.
  • England-born Dame Myra Hess’s (1890 - 1965) performances remain peerless for their lucidity and sheer musicality. As a Jewish musician, she played Bach and other German composers in blacked-out venues during the Nazi’s bombardments on London.
  • US-born Rosalyn Tureck (1913 - 2003), who Glenn Gould called his “only influence”, helps listeners rediscovering Bach in every piece.
  • Martha Argerich (born 1941) brings Argentine temperament to her forceful but extremely articulated playing, using the piano for what it is: a percussion instrument.
  • Maria João Pires (born 1944), perhaps better known for her Mozart, Schubert and Chopin, brings a peerless sensibility and depth of sound to her Bach and continues to give masterclasses in her retirement.
  • Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt (born 1958) creates a unique sound in her Bach world, playing with extreme integrity.

Are yesterday’s musicians and composers today’s coders?

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