The Otonomist - November 2021 Issue

Three days later than our usual release date because of Thanksgiving, our November Issue of The Otonomist is packed to the gills.

First, we introduce OtoGO, our Web3 dApp that lets you raise flash funds for your project without having to worry about regulatory repercussions. We then dissect all aspects of a crypto hedge fund setup in our freemium Fund Special. We close with introducing two entities that may help DAOs operate in the real world.

Hope you can soon all wind down towards year-end!

Han, Founder & CEO, Otonomos


Introducing OtoGO: Raise Flash Funds for Your Crypto Project and Worry About the Regs Later

We've just made the launchpool solution we use to raise early funds for the OtoCo project available for FREE to all our users. We called it OtoGO and it is now live.

With OtoGO anybody who spins up an LLC or DAO on OtoCo can parameter their launchpool, upload their logo, select a matching color scheme and invite their community to stake via an OtoGO-generated Web3 URL.

When compared to other ways of raising early funds, we believe OtoGO represents a sea change by making the process entirely onchain and permissionless, without offending regulators.

Test drive OtoGO now on Ropsten or start a live launchpool today on the Ethereum Mainnet.


FUND SPECIAL: The Complete Guide to Start Your Crypto Hedge Fund and Attract Outside Investors

Our Fund Special provides access to annotated versions of thousands of dollars’ worth of legal documents to help you get started.

Our April 2021 blog on How to Become the Next Michael Burry, in which we outlined how to setup and run your own crypto hedge fund, has become one of our most-read posts.

In this updated and expanded freemium post, we break down all aspect of the setup and operation of a reg-lite crypto hedge fund in the British Virgin Island, in five parts:

Part I - Mapping All the Moving Parts (FREE)

Part II - Key Features of the BVI Incubator or Approved Fund ($)

Part III - A Dissection of the Termsheet ($)

Part IV -  X-Ray of the Fund’s M&A, and Subscription/Redemption Agreement ($)

Part V - Towards an Onchain Crypto Hedge Fund (FREE)

Our Fund Special includes thousands of dollars’ worth of shared legal templates with annotations and comments to help you parameter your terms and start your new crypto hedge fund in 2022.


Terrestrial Docking Stations for DAOs: The Swiss Association and the U.S. Unincorporated Nonprofit Association

Dock your DAO to a Swiss Association or a U.S. Nonprofit.

The "regimelessness" of DAOs currently prevents them from accessing real-world services.

What is required is a “docking station”: a terrestrial limited liability port DAOs can plug into to access shared real-world services or discharge duties without introducing an element of centralization.

In this post, we look at two entities which we believe may soon be part of every DAO stack: The Swiss Association and the U.S. Unincorporated Non-Profit Association.

Next month: The December Otonomist will look forward to 2022, revealing the new website for and our roadmap for the new year. We will also talk about the governance protocol for the OtoCo DAO and what users can expect from OtoCo in 2022. In your inbox on Thursday 30 December or online here.

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