Towards Full Otonomy!

The new site lets you BUIDL from anywhere.
Towards Full Otonomy!

We start 2022 with a spanking new website for Otonomos.

It is now easier than ever to assemble your entity rig and handpick extra gear for your journey into crypto land.

We let you arbitrage 12 jurisdictions with a choice of 15 corporate structures and more coming soon.

Alternatively, you can form an entity on blockchain using your Ethereum wallet with our OtoCo onchain entity assembler.

Checkout is in crypto or fiat and the entire process is fully online.

In what follows, we walk you through the 3 simple ordering steps.

Step 1 - Choose from 15 offchain entities…

Simply click on any of the structures on offer to start building your order

…or instantly spin-up an entity on blockchain

or click Go Onchain to connect your wallet to spin up an entity on blockchain.

Step 2 - Build your order

You can pack the minimum to survive…

…or choose a pre-assembled rig relevant to the entity you selected…

…or fully-customize your order by hand-picking extra gear.

Step 3 - Pay in crypto or fiat

We only need a name or a chosen handle and an email to process your order:

You can checkout using crypto or cash (either card or bank wire):

Payments in crypto are securely processed via CoinPayments, converting the USD value of your order into your chosen crypto currency at close to mid-market rate.

You can use all major coins (BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, XMR and ZCash):

Once you selected the crypto currency of choice, clicking “Complete Checkout” will generate a fresh wallet address and a QR code where you can send the amount indicated:

At no point do we ask for your private keys or do we ask you to make a payment on our site, making both our crypto and fiat checkout entirely secure.

When clicking the “Wire Transfer” option a modale will display our USD bank account details.

Order confirmed!

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with an order confirm showing the full breakdown of what you ordered and how you paid, including the transaction hash if you paid in crypto.

You can download it, print it, store it in a drawer etc. Shortly after, you’ll get an email from with next steps towards the activation of your entity.

> Go to now to start building from anywhere or book a paid 30-mins call if you need some guidance on an optimal structure.

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